Meet Mariela

The ability to create, imagination to feel unusual and beautiful, Mariela inherited from her family.

Defined as an incorrigible optimist, she afraid of cats, adore turquoise and has a fetish - jewelry. Lives in Sofia, where she works and creates THE 8 ROOM.

Working with leather, feathers, metal and crystal beads, silver items and textiles. Works with many items purchased from antique stores - which makes them precious and unique.

Forthcoming creation of models made from precious metals and stones, and the creation of designer accessories and jewelry for men.


THE 8 ROOM is the place for most - exquisite sin - jewelry.

The meaning invested in THE 8 ROOM is an expression of individuality, and the pursuit of difference. The number 8 has many interpretations, 8 like symbol in THE 8 ROOM is belonging and accomplishment. THE 8 ROOM - space which escape from the conventional and framing.

THE 8 ROOM is belonging!


CHALLENGE IS TO YOU .. ... Eight yourself!